I'm Mitchell Resnick

I design websites ranging from simple one page sites to complex, feature-rich multi-page sites.
I'm also the Director of IT at Stakeholder Advisory Services, LLC.

Web design is one of my favorite jobs. I design anything from small, simple websites that don't have any features, all the way up to websites that have many complex features -- all while still being easy to use for non-technical end users. I believe in a few fundamental principles of web design: a website should be fast, it should look good on mobile as well as desktop platforms, and it should be simple to use for both for visitors and non-technical users who must edit the content on the website.


I am experienced in a wide range of technical areas.

  • Personal computer support
  • SMB computer support
  • Website development
  • Web server administration
  • Implement cloud solutions
  • Write code

My Work

Here are the latest websites that I've developed.

Stakeholder Advisory Services, LLC.

In addition to being the Director of IT where I implemented a cloud based infrastructure, I developed the website for Stakeholder Advisory Services, LLC.


I created the website for the Rutgers University Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club. This site is filled with complex features, including a public site and a private area where the executive board can manage the members and content can be securely shared. This site mainly focuses on reducing the administrative tasks that have to be done by hand.

Stat Stuffers

Stat Stuffers, a sports opinion website, needed a blog/news site. The site has an easy to use interface for the team of writers. It's scalable so that any amount or type of content can be accommodated.

Contact Me

Have question about what I can do? Interested in having your own website? Computer problems? Contact me and let's see how I can help!